You will know us by the places we create…

BGC Development specialises in the delivery of residential apartments, hospitality and commercial office developments, which explore new possibilities in urban planning, placemaking, design and construction. We focus on ensuring each of our clients and stakeholders benefit from their investment by delivering projects that engage with the wider community.

As partners, we not only drive a project through acquisition, design and construction – we remain invested with our clients well past completion too providing direct hands-on management and considered thought, from the initial concept and vision through to delivery and beyond. Our team has forged a well-renowned name for delivering exceptional medium & high density residential apartment developments, as well as a track record in creating outstanding hotels.

Our multi-award winning residential projects are evidence of our endless pursuit to continue to improve the livability, efficiency, sustainability and value propositions within the development space. And our hotel experience showcases what’s achievable when keeping the space’s ultimate use forefront of mind. Our team sources best in class operators and interprets brand standards to find improvements for the local market, while retaining the all-important brand DNA and budget expectation. We offer our partners an agile, specially curated team that fuses entrepreneurial aptitude and developer’s instinct. The collective diversity of our professional backgrounds culminates in a truly unique skillset. Each member takes pride in exceptional standards of design and ingenuity, which is evident in the timeless quality that shines through every meticulously considered detail in our projects.

Our genuine passion for what we do is underlined by a vigilant responsibility to our work and our goal of building lasting relationships through the successful delivery of projects that we are all proud of.Whether it is a large-scale hotel development or a contemporary apartment mix, we focus on ensuring each of our clients and stakeholders benefit from multi-million dollar projects that engage with the wider community.


BGC Development is heavily invested in the human experience…

It dictates everything we do. Ultimately our goal will always be the same: to create a desirable, welcoming place where people feel at home when they’re away from home. We create properties that ignite the senses, where people flock to experience our best in class operators and encounter staff who are dedicated to delivering service that far excels the ordinary. When you partner with us, you’re investing in an agile, specially curated team that fuses entrepreneurial aptitude and developer’s instinct. Our diversity of professional backgrounds brings a comprehensive depth of knowledge to a range of projects, from luxury hotels to residential towers and dynamic modern workplaces. 

At BGC Development we offer a wide range of solutions catering to the entire lifecycle of an asset - from it’s design, development and construction, through to its operational management. Our focus is always on how the end space will be used and occupied. We then explore the possibilities in metrics, design & development principles and construction methodology to ensure the project is economically viable on all levels. It’s this considered and multi-faceted approach that ensures the success of the places we create. Our team involves its established network of project consultants and contractors at the early planning stages of every project to ensure due consideration and possibilities of all development phases.

We have partnered and worked successfully with building owners, corporate entities, government departments, not-for-profit organisations and other land owners across multiple projects, and have a track record of delivering exceptional results - many of which have been recognised by major industry development awards.